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Welcome, Sienna!

Sienna's mammary tumor.

Sienna’s mammary tumor.

Sienna’s new life starts today! We got a phone call today from a local shelter asking us to take in an urgent case. Poor Sienna had found herself in the shelter and needed medical care which the shelter cannot provide.

This poor girl is underweight and has an ENORMOUS tumor on her leg which needs immediate attention. We put out the call and one of our wonderful foster volunteers immediately responded.

We were able to pick up Sienna from the shelter today and her foster mom is already smitten with her.

“Sienna is skin and bones. She now will be fattened up and spoiled with love. As far as the tumor, I am not going to worry and just take one day at a time. Then if we find it is cancerous, we will deal with it together and she will have us right there supporting her through it. She is so smart and such a sweet soul.”

Sienna has a soft place to sleep tonight.

Sienna has a soft place to sleep tonight.

Tonight, thunderstorms are rolling through the Salt Lake Valley, but sweet Sienna will be snuggled up safe, warm, and loved. She will be seeing the vet as soon as we can get her in, and we will see what her diagnosis is. Stay tuned – updates to follow!

(We are anticipating significant veterinary expenses for Sienna’s care. If you’d like to help, please donate here, in any amount – it all helps!. Thank you!)

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