Urgent needs

As you know, we take a number of special-needs pets into our foster and hospice care. Because of the health problems they arrive with, we have to be very careful what kind of food we feed – and the receipts for everyone can add up fast! Financial donations of support are always welcome but if you’d like to donate something more tangible, here are some of the items Hope’s Rescue needs most at this time:

You can purchase any of these at the PetSmart in Ogden (located at 12th and Wall) the store will hold them for us and we can pick them up from there. Or you can purchase online at Amazon.com (free shipping on dog food with an order of $35 or more). You can also purchase a PetSmart gift card online or in any PetSmart store, that we can then use to get these items. As always – however you choose to support the animals – THANK YOU!!