Hope’s Angels

Bo-hospice  “Bo is a gentle soul who sleeps right beside my bed on his big pillow. And although he is blind and deaf, he still finds us wherever we are in the house or yard.I know it won’t last forever but the joy he feels and the love he gives is so worth it.” ~ Bo’s foster

Hope’s Angels hospice program was created to care for terminally ill or geriatric pets that end up in Utah’s shelters. These pets enter the shelters as strays or owner surrenders, and their chances of being adopted are almost non-existent. At Hope’s Rescue, we believe every pet deserves to have their end of life filled with love, care, and safety. Which is why pets like these ultimately leave the shelter to live with one of our Angels.

While in our Hope’s Angels program, our supportive community of fosters provides these pets with comfort, care, food, and love. Hope’s Rescue provides for any needed veterinary care, and we will make all necessary appointments to make sure the pet is given the best opportunity to maintain a good quality of life.

Still, the nature of hospice is that we know their time with us is often too short. But no matter how much time we get with them, we make the most of every day. And we get to celebrate with them each precious remaining moment of their life. And when our Angels finally get their wings, they leave this world knowing they are a loved and cherished family member.

And, we have pledged that none of our Angels shall die alone. When the time comes, Hope’s Rescue, along with the foster and the veterinarian, will make decisions together to determine if the quality of life is diminished to the point where we know we have to bid farewell. This is always a deeply emotional moment for all, but in the end, they will go surrounded by love.

This can be difficult work, but it is deeply rewarding. And we cannot do it without our fosters. If you believe you can open your heart to this important rescue and foster work, please consider fostering a hospice pet.