Become an Ambassador for Hope

Would you like to help Hope’s Rescue save animals but can’t come to adoptions? Maybe you’d like to foster or adopt but can’t because a family member is allergic, or you’re already at your animal limit? Or maybe you’re too young to help out at adoptions or animal events (Hope’s Rescue requires all volunteers who handle animals at adoptions to be 16 or older)? No problem!

Here is a GREAT way to help our animals find a loving forever home and make a difference in its life – become an Ambassador for Hope!

Ambassadors for Hope are very important to our work. Ambassadors for Hope promote our pet rescue work, but they also help with specific animals. There are many ways to participate in our Ambassador for Hope Program. You can participate as an individual, group of friends or family, a church or school group, scout troop, etc. Here’s how the program works:

Step 1 – Choose a pet from among our pool of adoptable pets.

Step 2 – Learn everything you can about your selected animal (history, breed, personality, quirks, likes and dislikes, special needs, etc.)

Step 3 – “Market” your selected animal until it gets adopted!

Benefits of being an Ambassador for Hope

As an Ambassador for Hope, you’ll not only learn about animals, but you’ll have a chance to learn about animal rescue and how rescue works – without having to commit to a schedule.

Learning about rescue and pet overpopulation now creates animal advocates in the future. Research has shown that humane education and teaching the next generations change future behaviors.  Additionally, research has also shown that having a pet (or even just being around a pet) enhances general well-being, increases positive immune response, teaches empathy, enhances participation in academic activities, develops humane attitudes towards animals, increases self-esteem, benefits to social-emotional development, and much more.

Additionally, Ambassadors for Hope develop marketing and presentation skills that are useful in everyday life. Ambassadors talk to friends and neighbors, people at dog parks and pet stores, friends at activities and places of worship, etc. They also create flyers, web pages, “adoption cards” and more to help get their special animal adopted. In short, our Ambassadors are able to use their creativity and talents in a variety of ways to help promote the Hope’s Rescue mission and get our wonderful animals, adopted into forever homes.

Yes – even ONE person can make a HUGE difference – and YOU could be that person!

If you are interested in the Ambassadors for Hope program, please email us at: ambassador_ _@_