Adoption Application

Adoption Application

(best email address to reach you)
(please be able to provide proof of home ownership or a lease agreement that allows pets)
(for example, if you have to be in hospital, or have to move)

Hope’s Rescue Adoption Terms and Conditions

– Hope’s Rescue has the right to inspect any property of potential adopters.

– I understand that if I am unable to keep any animal that I adopt, I am required to immediately contact Hope’s Rescue.

– I understand that the adoption fee is wholly non-refundable unless Hope’s Rescue has knowingly failed to disclose any medical or behavioral issues.

– All animals adopted through Hope’s Rescue shall be INSIDE animals only.

– If my adopted animal shows behavioral issues that I consider unmanageable. Hope’s Rescue is to be notified before any other action is taken.

– No animal adopted from Hope’s Rescue shall be surgically altered for cosmetic reasons. This includes declawing of cats and kittens.

– All cats are to be inside cats only. When outside the home, cats must be in a secure carrier or on a harness and leash.

I have read and understand this contract and also understand that, if approved, this becomes a binding legal contract between myself (the adopter) and Hope’s Rescue and I agree to abide by all the Terms and Conditions set forth.